Geomagic Capture:  Scan Based Design, Inspection, Reverse Engineering

Geomagic Capture®
Geomagic Capture and Capture Mini are a family of powerful, integrated scanners and software systems for professional Scan-Based Design and quality inspection. They are available in six application-specific configurations, combining the best of Geomagic software with a compact, ultra-precise blue light LED scanner.

Geomagic Capture and Capture Mini enable designers and engineers to incorporate real-world objects into CAD as a seamless part of their engineering workflow. Geomagic Capture scanners for quality inspection deliver precision scanning integrated with Geomagic’s high-quality inspection tools in a seamless, push-button manner. With unprecedented performance and affordability, Geomagic Capture scanners usher in a new era of design-to-manufacturing productivity and utility.


Harness the Power of 3D Scanning
Take the next step in product design and inspection with 3D scanning. Geomagic Capture and Capture Mini are the first complete systems that combine advanced blue LED scanner technology with easy to use software to supercharge product development and manufacturing.

Unleash More Creativity with Scan-Based Design
There’s a reason automotive designers still use clay: Starting from a real physical shape remains the best way to conceptualize and communicate complex shapes. Scan-Based Design empowers more creative product design for any industry, because it connects the real world with your design process.

Leverage the World Around You
Geomagic Capture and Capture Mini represent a brand new design paradigm in which existing objects provide inspiration for innovative new products. Geomagic Capture and Capture Mini 3D scanners provide high-fidelity data that goes directly to CAD. Improve upon, learn from, customize and reuse the designs that surround you every day.


Plug-and-Play Simplicity
Geomagic Capture and Capture Mini aren’t just 3D scanners. Each package includes software or plugins that deliver the right output for your needs.  Options include output to native formats for every major CAD software for Scan-Based Design, and detailed reports for quality inspection