3d printing services in Vancouver3D printing, often known as additive manufacturing, is the technique of creating three-dimensional objects from a digital file. There are a wide variety of additive manufacturing processes that use different material inputs such as UV cured resin, extruded filament, or fused powder. These various processes are used for different applications, from prototyping a car bumper to manufacturing aluminum airplane components to creating molds for jewelry. Agile Manufacturing offers Multi-Jet Fusion 3D Printing services in Vancouver.

3D printing services in Vancouver are commonly used as a means of prototyping as design iterations can be tested quickly with parts being manufactured hours after the design is complete. Companies are also starting to use 3D printing as a method to manufacture large quantities of end use components as there is added design freedoms compared to injection molding or CNC machining and less inventory is needed when parts can be made on demand. Agile Manufacturing offers Multi-Jet Fusion 3D Printing services in Vancouver.

Multi-Jet Fusion in Vancouver

Multi Jet Fusion is a 3D printing technique that expands the range of options for complicated, low-cost components. It is ideal for single-part production as well as large prints containing hundreds of components. Multi Jet Fusion’s large volume capabilities can assist industries through initial concepts to low volume manufacturing to spare parts. The technology is ideal for applications that demand both strength and durability. These applications include;

  • Electronic housings and enclosures
  • Replacement parts
  • Thin wall ductwork
  • Fixtures and jigs
  • Brackets and clips
  • Connectors and guides
  • Port and connector covers
  • Watertight applications

How do businesses Benefits from our 3D Printing Services in Vancouver

Professional 3D printing services by Agile Manufacturing give businesses in Vancouver many benefits which are related to time, cost, and design. These benefits include;

  1. Enables Rapid Prototyping

3D printing produces parts within a few hours, providing quick feedback to designers. This allows each stage of the design to be evaluated quickly and affordably. 3D printing increases the efficiency of product design and shortens the time to market.

  1. Increases Design Freedom

Complex designs that were once considered impossible to manufacture are now possible using 3D printing. Designers have more freedom when creating a new product as 3D printing has does not have design restrictions like traditional manufacturing.

  1. On Demand Inventory

Instead of warehousing thousands of parts, inventory can be 3D printed on demand, greatly reducing overhead costs. Companies can store digital directories of their components and print them as needed. Designs can be updated at anytime removing the risk of inventory becoming obsolete. A few 3D printers can replace a large warehouse of inventory.

  1. Cost Effective

3D printing is very cost effective as it speeds up the design process and shortens the time to market. It can also catch design errors before spending thousands of dollars on injection mold tooling. Reworking an injection mold is very expensive and causes significant downtime, and sometimes the mold needs to be fully redone. Sometimes it is more cost effective for a company to bring a 3D printer in-house to fulfill their needs while other times it makes more sense to outsource the work to a 3D printing company, like Agile Manufacturing, that has a wide range of 3D printers and materials ready on hand. For short run parts, it is commonly more cost effective to 3D print the components to avoid the up-front costs of an injection mold.

  1. Utilizes Strong and Lightweight Materials

Plastic is the most commonly used 3D printing medium, although various metals can also be utilized. Plastics have the advantage of being lighter than their metal counterparts. This is especially essential in industries like automotive and aerospace, where weight is a concern and higher fuel economy may be achieved. Parts can also be made out of custom materials to give specialized qualities like heat resistance, electrostatic dissipative properties, or increased strength with the addition of glass bead or carbon fiber fill.

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