3d printing services in ottawaAdoption of 3D printing has grown rapidly as it is the fastest, most affordable, and widely used method of prototype creation. Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing continues to gain popularity with an increasing number of firms investing in the industry. At Agile Manufacturing, we offer premium 3D printing services in Ottawa to both commercial and individual clients.

With the growth of technology and other relevant aspects, 3D printing has evolved since its inception. Today, there exists many different 3D printing processes, however, Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is one of the most common and widely used process due to its lower start-up and material costs and reliability.

Below, we will discuss FDM in detail which can help inform you about 3D printing services in Ottawa.

What is Fused Deposition Modeling?

Fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printers work by extruding thermoplastic filaments such as ABS or PC through a heated nozzle. The material is laid layer by layer on a build platform until the part is complete. All that is needed to start printing in FDM is a CAD file. With the use of a slicer software, the CAD file is converted to a format that can easily be understood by the FDM printer before the printing process begins.

FDM printing makes use of two building materials: the modelling material (ABS or PC to name a few) and the support material. The modeling material constitutes the finished object. The support material is used as a scaffolding to support the object being printed. This material is removed and disposed to reveal the final printed part.

Most common modeling materials in FDM are ABS, Nylon 11/12, PC, PC/ABS, PEEK/PEKK and TPU. Materials come in all types of colors. FDM printed parts print in production-grade material which make them ideal for functional prototypes and even end-use parts.

FDM parts are not always printed in solid. To reduce overall print time and to save material, voluminous parts can be filled with an internal, low density structure called ‘sparse infill’.

fdm 3d printing services in ottawaThe Benefits of FDM

Fused Deposition Modeling 3D printing services in Ottawa are a highly popular process, due to the following:


Depending on the size of the part, printing in FDM can be as quick as a few minutes due to the ease of use and high printing speeds. Within minutes, you can have your CAD drawing turned into a 3D printed part. FDM is one of the fastest and agile choices in 3D printing, and manufacturing in general.

2. Affordability

One of the biggest challenges faced by the 3D printing industry is affordability. Due to FDM’s high availability and cost-effective way of producing custom thermoplastic parts and prototypes, it has quickly become a reliable and affordable 3D printing method. Additionally, the ease of use, low post-processing time and large build volumes help reduce costs.

3.Workflow & Ease of Use

The workflow of FDM printing is simple and consists of three steps: designing, 3D printing and post-processing. Once a CAD file is created with the use of CAD software, it is easily ‘sliced’ with the printer’s slicing software. This software will send the information to the printer for printing. If there is enough material in the printer, it can be started with the touch of a button.

The FDM process does not require cleaning. The operator will need to simply remove the support material for the part.

4. Durable Materials

FDM printers can print a wide range of thermoplastic engineering materials and high-performance filaments in various colors, including ABS, Nylon 11/12, PC, PC/ABS and TPU. There is surely a material that will suit your needs, whether it be for a form fit, functional prototype or end use part.

Where to Find FDM 3D Printing Services in Ottawa

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