Urethane Casting

Cast Urethanes, RTV Molding and Polyurethanes all refer to a low volume production method that produces parts from a Polyurethane plastic material for prototyping purposes and low volume production needs. Polyutherane casting creates parts that have material properties similar to production-like plastics. It is possible to make these parts appear just like hard tooled plastic parts through surface finish, color, accuracy, and material properties.

Cast Urethane parts are ideal for marketing samples, test prototypes, or other situations where 1-100 pieces are required, but time and money do not allow a prototype injection-molded tool to be produced.

Parts: 1 to 100

Shipped in: 2 to 3 weeks

Excellent for:

  • Test Prototypes
  • Low Production Volume
  • Alternate to Small Run Injection Molding

How Urethane Casting Works

Cast Urethane parts are made in multiple steps. First, a precision master pattern is completed using 3D printing SLA technology. Extensive finishing comes next. An RTV molding, or “soft tool” is then created to capture all the fine details of the master pattern. Once this has been completed and cured, liquid urethane is injected into the mold to create the final Urethane part(s).


Most parts can be accurately produced within +/- .005″ first inch, +/- .002″ per additional inch.


Urethane parts can be made in many different methods and therefore sizes. Contact us to discuss your application.


Urethane parts are excellent to for small to medium volume part runs.