Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Laser Sintering (SLS®)

Agile Manufacturing offers the greatest variety of SLS materials in Canada.  This process is popularly used for everything from fully functional durable prototypes to end use direct manufactured products.

Sintered parts, or SLS models are ideal when you need tough, stable parts for harsh environment testing or end-use applications. The use of Sintering enables you to eliminate tooling cost and drastically reduce your time and cost of your product development or production.

Agile uses next generation, high precision and production SLS technology from 3D Systems, a global leader in total laser sintering solutions. Choose from the widest selection of materials with properties close to or matching the properties of injection molded parts and get ready-to-use, quality parts.

SLS parts are ideally used for form, fit and function and direct manufacturing applications. Key benefits include:

  • Best accuracy and smooth surface finish
  • Consistent part characteristics
  • Design to tool-less production runs in one step
  • Widest range of materials offering
  • DuraForm FR – only flame retardant sintering material on the market
  • Multiple finishing options


SLS parts are consistent, stable and durable and provide excellent prototypes and end-use parts for industries and applications that apply demanding and functional testing, giving you the flexibility to modify, optimize and evolve designs on the fly.

Companies around the world rely on SLS parts for low to mid-volume direct manufacturing needs, cutting tooling time and expenses and getting the product to market faster.

For example, engineers of aircraft components are able to use SLS ducts directly in the aircraft as today’s latest materials (DuraForm) withstand high temperatures and tough environments. Other industries that are widely using the SLS technology are:
Automotive Design and Intake Manifold Testing, Aerospace, Defense, Heavy Equipment, Medical, Electronics, Consumer Products, Whitegoods, Sporting Goods, Packaging, Home & Garden Equipment, Government Research

Laser Sintering Materials

SLS Materials are reaching new dimensions with the development and introduction of 3D Systems’ latest DuraForm flame retardant and polypropylene plastics. Parts produced are capable of withstanding harsh test conditions or meet the toughness requirements of direct manufacturing applications without the need for tools and fixtures.
The wide and extended DuraForm Materials portfolio of plastics, composites, and metals offers rapid access to production-quality parts in single, low and medium quantities.

The sPro 140/230 SLS Centers offer the largest commercially available build volume, building large, single-piece parts with no seams for aesthetic superiority, one-piece durability, resulting in reduced labor and decreased cost. Build volume – (22 x 22 x 30 in./ 550 x 550 x 750 mm)

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