Fortus 400 FDM System - Includes Warranty

Product: Fortus 400

Category: Used 3D Printers

Type: FDM

Stratasys Fortus 400 FDM Printer

Used Fortus 400 MC. This machine has been upgraded to the full 400 build chamber capacity, plus opened to run all materials. Excellent addition to any fleet, and a great machine to begin doing in-house rapid prototyping.

Agile also offers a less expensive material offering to make make this entire purchase the most economical 3D printer you can buy for the money.


Rental and lease to own options are available for the Fortus 400 MC details are available upon request.


**Includes Installation and a 90 Day warranty**


The Fortus 400mc is a 3D printer produced by Stratasys, a manufacturer based in the United States. It uses the Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology to produce thermoplastics parts using filament feedstock. It offers a build volume of 16″ x 14″ x 16″



  • ABSi- P500
  • ABS-M30
  • ABS-M30i
  • ASA
  • ABS-ESD7
  • PC-ISO
  • PC
  • PC-ABS
  • FDM Nylon 12
  • ULTEM ™ 1010 resin
  • ULTEM ™ 9085 resin
  • SR30, SR35, SR20, SR100, SR110, PC-BASS, PPSF-BASS, SUP8500B™ – support material for ULTEM™ 9085 filament, SUP9000B™ – support material for ULTEM™ 1010 filament


  • Prototyping – concept and functionality
  • End-Use Production Parts

The Fortus 400mc™ allows you to
manufacture Real PartsTM in-house with
multiple production-grade thermoplastics,
such as ABS-M30, PC, PPSF, ULTEM* 9085,
PC-ABS blend and more. Fortus 400mc
is a user configurable high-performance
workhorse, ideal for creating Real Parts for
conceptual models, functional prototypes,
manufacturing tools, and end-use parts.
The Fortus 400mc coupled with Insight™
front-end processing software lets you
quickly manufacture parts that match your
mechanical, thermal, aesthetic and resolution
needs. With the Fortus 400mc, you can
accurately manufacture Real Parts with
complex geometries, that are strong enough
not only for functional testing, but end
use as well.