Fortus 900 FDM System - Includes One Year Warranty

Product: Fortus 900

Category: Used 3D Printers

Type: FDM

Stratasys Fortus 900 FDM Printer

This machine has been upgraded to run all Fortus Materials. Excellent addition to any fleet, and a great machine to begin doing in-house rapid prototyping/production.  Used Fortus 900 MC

**Includes Installation and a One Year warranty**

Agile also offers a less expensive material offering to make make this entire purchase the most economical 3D printer you can buy for the money.


The Used Fortus 900 MC is the largest and most sophisticated FDM System in the Fortus product line. If you require a 3D production system with large capacity, the Fortus 900mc is the right manufacturing product for you. The Fortus 900mc has a 36 inch x 24 inch x 36 inch envelope, which can produce large individual 3D parts or high volume production runs of many small 3D parts.

Here is a video of a Fortus 900 MC in use.


Large Build Envelope
The Fortus 900mc features the largest build tray in the Fortus family – 914 x 610 x 914 mm (36 x 24 x 36 in.) – which is ideal for full-sized prototypes, or even direct digital manufacturing.
Flawless Repeatability
The Fortus 900mc features ball-screw technology for increased accuracy, repeatability and reliability. Printing large parts without warping and large quantities of identical parts has become stress free.
End-Use Parts
With Fused Deposition Modeling, the Fortus 900mc posesses the ability to print with production grade thermoplastics. This allows for 3D prints to be used as end-use parts, avoiding traditional injection molded plastics, and speeding up your process.
Pick Your Precision
With the Fortus 900mc features three layer thicknesses to choose from. Easily manage your settings to optimize precision, or the speed of the print, or even find the perfect middle ground.