SLA 750

Product: SLA 750 3D Systems

Category: Production 3D Printers

Type: Large Format SLA

Build Chamber: 29.5″ x 29.5″ x 21.65″

Engineering Brochure

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SLA 750 3D Systems

Production-Grade SLA Workflow Solution

The SLA 750 solution delivers a breakthrough in additive manufacturing productivity, speed, reliability, and automation from the leading innovator in stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing. A full solution is comprised of the SLA 750 family of large-format 3D printing systems, advanced production-grade photopolymer materials, the PostCure 1050 post-processing system, and the Oqton cloud-based, end-to-end manufacturing operation system.

Large Production Parts at High Speeds

From the original inventor of SLA and the innovation leader in production-grade photopolymer technology, 3D Systems introduces the industry’s fastest SLA 3D printers: The SLA 750 and the SLA 750 Dual.

The SLA 750 Dual is the world’s first synchronous dual-laser SLA printer delivering up to twice the speed and triple the throughput of current SLA printers, using dual imaging systems together with a proprietary scan algorithm, Hyper-Scan™ vector technology, developed especially for efficient, high-quality production manufacturing.

The single-laser SLA 750 is field upgradeable to the dual-laser SLA 750 Dual, allowing you to rapidly scale productivity with increased demand.

Optimized Laser Scanning Technology

Unlike conventional SLA 3D printers that use off-the-shelf scanning technology, the SLA 750 and SLA 750 Dual use a proprietary scanning algorithm developed for the unique needs of production additive manufacturing. Hyper-Scan™ vector technology optimizes key speed and productivity elements to answer the needs of high demand applications and manufacturing environments.

A New Standard for SLA Production Throughput, Quality, and Capability

The SLA 750 delivers superior surface quality and accuracy at every point across large builds, with superior detail resolution, wall smoothness, and incremental fidelity.

Production-grade photopolymer materials, advanced software workflow, and optimized laser scanning technology combine to deliver a high throughput, automation-capable solution for production SLA.

About this printer

  • Manufacturing aids, jigs, and fixtures
  • End-use production parts and mass customization
  • Under-the-hood components
  • Wind tunnel test models
  • Investment casting patterns
  • Mandrel tooling
  • Molds and dies
  • Medical and biocompatible parts
  • Cast urethane/vacuum casting patterns
  • High clarity, transparent products and components