Product: ProX 320

Category: Production 3D Printers

Type: DMP

Chamber Size:  11 x 11 x 16.5″

Engineering Brochure

Mid sized, complex metal parts in just hours with the ProX 320 DMPView PDF »

The ProX 320 high-performance DMP system is a heavy duty alternative to traditional metal manufacturing processes

With our advanced manufacturing centers, the ProX DMP 320 has been developed from and is continuously improved through closed-loop feedback between the production team and product development. 3D Systems offers you an integrated solution. ProX DMP 320 printer with patented technology, the extensively tested suite of LaserForm materials, 3DXpert metal additive manufacturing software, and finally yet importantly, the expertise of our application engineers to realize time, cost and functionality benefits for our customers. Our users count on reliable material databases for precision metal 3D printing without having to go through the challenging time and cost-consuming effort of developing process parameters themselves.

Your scalable DMP factory network

The ProX DMP 320 is easily scalable for high volume part production. Quick-swap build modules and fast powder recycling speed up production. A central server manages print jobs, materials, settings and maintenance for 24/7 productivity. Metal additive manufacturing software 3DXpert is the industry’s most powerful tool to prepare and optimize part data quickly, enabling rapid design for metal additive manufacturing to shorten production time and increase part precision.


    • Reduced weight/light-weight design
    • Orthopedic and spinal implants
    • Simplified assemblies
    • Reduced number of parts
    • Conformal cooling
    • Enhanced fluid flow
    • Conformal latticework
    • Topology optimization
    • Mass customization

    • Uses Direct Metal Printing (DMP) technology
    • Max build envelope capacity
      (W x D x H): 275 x 275 x 420 mm
      (10.82 x 10.82 x 16.53 in)
    • 3DXpert all-in-one software solution for metal additive manufacturing
    • Broad range of high-quality materials
    • Extensively pre-developed parameters
    • Unique vacuum chamber concept
    • Quick-swap build modules
    • Fast bi-directional powder deposition
    • Best in class oxygen purity (25 ppm)

    • Fast production times
    • Integrated solution (for printers, materials, software and application support)
    • Extensively tested and fine-tuned process parameters for each LaserForm material
    • Enhanced productivity & management with central DMP server
    • Minimal waste of materials
    • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
    • Quick turn-around between builds
    • Produces parts not normally manufacturable

Due to the unique vacuum chamber concept of the ProX DMP 320, argon gas consumption is heavily reduced while at the same time showing best in class oxygen purity (25 ppm). This results in exceptionally strong parts of high chemical purity.