Markforged Metal X (Gen 2)

Product: Metal X

Category: Markforged 3D Printers

Type: FDM / Metals

Chamber Size: 13″ x 10″ x 8″

Engineering Brochure

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Spec Sheet

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17-4 PH Material Data

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Copper Material Data

A2 Tool Steel Material Data

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D2 Tool Steel Material Data

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H 13 Tool Steel Material Data

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Markforged Metal X (ADAM)

Markforged Metal X from the company that revolutionized 3D printing with composite carbon fiber, comes a leap in additive metal manufacturing. The Markforged Metal X greatly accelerates innovation, delivering metal parts overnight using a new technology at a fraction of the cost. Leave 20th century manufacturing in the dust and create anything from industrial replacement parts to injection molds to working prototypes.

Print With A-2 & D-2 Tool Steel
A-2 tool steel is air-hardened with excellent impact resistance. We use it for punches, dies, and form tooling on the Mark X. The high carbon and chromium content of D-2 tool steel provides great hardness and abrasion resistance (but not as tough as A-2). D-2 is often used for cutting tools.
Say Hello To ADAM
Speed time from design to strong metal parts with this accessible and compact process. ADAM prints your part using a bound metal powder rod that transforms into a dense metal part in one easy step. Bulk sintering provides crystal growth through all axes giving your parts excellent mechanical properties in all directions. ADAM also enables the creation of unique geometries such as closed-cell honeycomb infill. Parts can be printed like the structure of bones – a closed cell inner core encased in a solid outer shell. This geometry is not possible using traditional subtractive manufacturing processes or DMLS.
Large Prints, High-Resolution
The build volume of the Metal X gives automotive, industrial, aerospace and other industries a new way to rapidly create key components, custom pieces and spare parts. With 50 micron resolution layer height, your parts will come out of the printer with precision details that further resolve after the sintering process.
In-Process Inspection
The Metal X gives you breakthrough quality and precision in 3D printing. Scan your parts mid-print using our cloud-based Eiger software and a laser displacement sensor affixed to the print head. Ensure dimensional accuracy at the most critical tolerances at any point in your print.
Print As-Designed Parts With Known Precision And Tolerance
Define a tolerance specification in Eiger, our cloud based 3D printing software, and the Metal X will scan your part while it’s printing to ensure that it always meets the spec. If an error is detected you will be alerted and can choose to cancel the print remotely, saving time and material.

300 mm x 220 mm x 180 mm
575 mm x 467 mm x 1432 mm
17-4 Stainless Steel
316L Stainless Steel
6061 Aluminum (Beta)
7075 Aluminum (Beta)
A-2 Tool Steel (Beta)
D-2 Tool Steel (Beta)
IN Alloy (Inconel) 625 (Beta)
Titanium Ti-6Al-4V (Beta)
50 micron beam diameter
1 micron Z resolution
50 micron
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