Investment Casting Patterns

A popular application of 3D Printing is creating patterns for a metal casting process called Investment Casting. There are several 3D printing processes which can be used to build investment casting patterns. Agile Manufacturing provides Patterns in four processes, the selection of the best process depends on each application.

  • Quick Cast SLA Patterns
  • Cast Form SLS Patterns
  • ProJet RealWax Patterns
  • VoxelJet Patterns

These methods are great alternatives to costly traditional tooling that is best suited for large quantity runs. Give us a call to discuss how we could help on a small 25-100 piece production run using investment castings.

Parts: 1 to 100

Shipped in: 2 to 4 days

Pricing: Starting at $100

Excellent for:

  • Low Production Volume
  • Alternate to Traditional Expensive Castings