Product: ProX 800

Category: Production 3D Printers

Type: Large Format SLA

Build Chamber: 25″ x 29″ x 21″

Engineering Brochure

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Demo ProX 800 SLA

This latest generation machine has an upgraded user interface and smaller footprint. Produce exact plastic and composite material parts without the restrictions of CNC or injection molding. With accuracy and surface quality achievable only with Stereolithography technology, you can produce low- to medium-run parts at a lower per-unit cost, and build massive, highly detailed pieces faster. Demo ProX 800 SLA comes loaded with the Accura material of your choice.  Annual service agreements are available for maintenance and support.


*Demo unit includes installation and a 90 day warranty*

Integrated printer, material and software solution:
The ProX 800 printer gives you one single point of contact for expert application support and daily use of our gold standard Stereolithography technology. The spectrum of Accura® materials is developed and customized to our SLA print engines. Choose from the broadest range of materials: polypropylene-like, tough/durable, clear, casting, high-temp and composites and specialty materials to meet your application and product requirements.

Meet or exceed standard tolerances for injection-molded plastics:
Parts are accurate (+/-45 μm) and precise throughout the entire build platform, print after print, machine after machine.  On large parts (up to 650 x 750 x 550 mm (25.6 x 29.5 x 21.65 in)  as well as on smallest parts, features are reproducible down to 0.1 mm or 0.004 in – depending on geometry, orientation and build mode.

Production-grade photopolymer materials, advanced software workflow, and optimized laser scanning technology combine to deliver a high throughput, automation-capable solution for production SLA. The ProX 800 delivers superior surface quality and accuracy at every point across large builds, with superior detail resolution, wall smoothness, and incremental fidelity.

See the ProX 800 in Action