Used 3D Printers

Viper SLA

Viper™ SLA® System

Includes Installation and a 90 Day warranty

True SLA printer with material pricing and printing costs at a fraction of the cost of Polyjet printing.  Average support per part is 5% compared to 30%-200% using Polyjet printers.

Dual-resolution part building system

  • Long-life solid state laser
  • Accura® advanced solid imaging materials
  • Easy to use software

Achieve excellent fine feature capability

  • Enjoy low cost of ownership
  • Realize outstanding part quality and sidewall surfaces
  • Manage quick material switches between builds
  • Maximize control with a fully integrated system


The Viper SLA system lets you choose between standard resolution mode, for the best balance of build speed and part resolution, and high resolution (HR) mode for ultra-detailed small parts and features -- all from a controlled high speed scanning system with a single, solid-state laser that delivers 100 mW of available power.

Maximum applications versatility and sophisticated technology