Markforged 3D Printers

Markforged X7
Performance Engineering

Uncompromised Strength, Precision, and Beauty Markforged 3D printers are designed to reinforce parts with continuous fiber for unmatched strength.
Large Scale Reinforced 3D Printing The Markforged X7 builds off the portfolio of Markforged high-strength materials, with access to our beautiful Onyx plastic,
as well as all of our continuous fibers, including carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar, and high-strength, high temperature fiberglass. Print anythingfrom prototypes to production parts:
¬ěProsthetic devices and assistive technologies, Robotics applications, Jigs, fixtures, and industrial tooling, High-strength, precision end use parts.


In-Process Inspection for Quality and Precision
The Mark X gives you breakthrough precision in 3D printing. Scan your parts mid-print using our cloudbased Eiger software and a laser displacementsensor affixed to the print head.
Ensure dimensional accuracy at the most critical tolerances at any point in your print.

High Resolution for Beautiful Parts
With increased stability from a rigid frame, smooth, silent stepper motors, and more, the Markforged X7 has improved
repeatability over the entire printing envelope and can go all the way down to 50 micron resolution for highly detailed prints.

Industrial Printing Fit For Any Workspace
Despite its large build volume, the footprint of the Markforged X7 is relatively small, and the printer’s robust frame and included cabinet suits it well
for both the office and the shop.