Markforged Metal X
17-4 PH Stainless Steel

17-4 PH stainless steel is a high-strength, high-hardness metal with excellent corrosion resistance. This versatile steel is widely used in the manufacturing, aerospace, petroleum, and medical industries. If heat treated, it has an ultimate tensile strength of 1250 MPa and a Rockwell Hardness of 36 HRC.

H13 Tool Steel

3D print H13 tool steel, a material optimized for high temperature and wear applications. It’s used for molds and die casts, wear inserts and tooling, and forming punches and dies. When heat treated, it can reach a Rockwell hardness of 46-50 and an ultimate tensile strength of 1500 MPa.

A2 Tool Steel

General purpose tool steel for cold-working applications.

3D printed tool steel

Markforged printed and heat treated A2 tool steel effectively matches wrought heat-treated A2 in hardness.

When to Print with A2 Tool Steel

A2 tool steel is a highly versatile air-hardening tool steel often regarded as a “universal” cold work steel. It offers a combination of good wear resistance (between O1 and D2) and toughness.

Sheet metal fabrication

Wear resistant inserts

Cutting and Forming Prototypes

Punches and Dies

Working with A2 Tool Steel

A2 tool steel can be heat-treated to increase hardness and durability. Markforged recommends heat-treating A2 tool steel to optimize material properties, though it can be used as-sintered. Heat A2 Tool Steel part in a standard (non-vacuum) furnace to 970°C (1780°F) . Hold part at temperature for 30-45 minutes. Air quench part to below 65°C (150 °F). Double temper A2 Tool Steel part in a standard furnace. For each temper, heat part to 150-550°C (302-1022°F) and temper for 2 hours, or 1 hour per inch of thickness. Let part cool to room temperature between tempers.