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Additive Manufacturing is now in full force, driven by the ever-increasing speed for 3D additive printing and the evolution of production ready materials. Early rapid prototype systems would typically only produce a few samples at a time. But now rapid manufacturing runs of 50-1,500 end-use pieces are commonly created in only a few short days, sometimes even hours. Unlike traditional “subtractive” methods, additive manufacturing allows for for complex geometries to be created at no additional cost. Engineers are now only limited by their imagination on the design of new parts.  Stereolithography, Selective Laser Sintering, Fused Deposition Modeling, Carbon DLS 

Other technologies are increasing the reach of additive manufacturing. Precise laser scanning has become a big partner for 3D manufacturing by allowing legacy and pre-CAD parts to be scanned and duplicated with little effort. With our in-house 3D printers and laser scanners, Agile can partner with you for your any Additive Manufacturing needs.

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Stereolithography, or SLA for short, is our most popular rapid prototyping process. Agile runs a fleet of large platform SLA machines lead by our “Monster” iPro 9000XL building parts up to 59 in x 29 in x 21 in. The greatest advantage of the SLA process is the final look of the product. Parts built in SLA have a smooth finish much like end use plastic parts. Couple that with the high speed of SLA and you have our most popular prototyping process.

Agile offers the greatest selection of SLA materials, meaning we can mimic the material properties of your final product. In many cases we use SLA for low volume manufacturing. This is because the more parts you build in SLA, the less each part will cost (economy of scale), one of the many ways Agile’s expertise can save you money.

Agile is pleased to offer tool-less production of Casting Patterns for the foundry industry.  Rapid production of small to large 3D printed casting patterns in both Stereolithography (SLA) with QuickCast patterns. Seamless patterns up to 30″ x 26″ x 22″ or larger if adhered together.


Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Manufacturing Service

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Sintered parts, or SLS models are ideal when you need tough, stable parts for harsh environment testing or end-use applications. SLS manufacturing enables you to eliminate tooling cost and drastically reduce your time and cost of your product development or production. Here is a video link to help you understand how SLS materials can work for your business

Agile uses next generation, high precision, production SLS printing technology from 3D Systems, a global leader in total laser sintering solutions. Choose from the widest selection of materials with properties close to or matching the properties of injection molded parts and get ready-to-use, quality parts. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). In addition to providing printing services Agile Manufacturing also distributes SLS machines for 3D Systems here is a link to our SLS machine page 

SLS prototyping and SLS parts are ideally used for form, fit and function testing and direct manufacturing applications. Key benefits include:

  • Great accuracy
  • Robust
  • Consistent part characteristics
  • Design to tool-less production runs in one step
  • Widest range of materials offering
  • DuraForm FR UL94 Flame Retardant Material
  • Multiple finishing options

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