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Productivity Comparison
Pro X 800 vs. Fortus™ 900mc

SLA Pro X 800 vs. Fortus 900mc

Agile was recently asked to do a productivity comparison between an Pro X 800 Stereolithography (SLA) machine and a Fortus 900mc Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM™) machine. 

Build time for the Study was 18 hours on the Fortus™ 900mc, the Pro X 800 came in at 5 hours. Therefore you need 3.6 Fortus™ 900s to equal the output of 1 Pro X 800. At an average of $400,000 for a 900mc you need to spend $1,440,000 to equal the productivity of a $550,000 Pro X investment.

Do More for Less and Buy a Pro X 800.


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