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Printing 3D for 4D Cityscape

4D Cityscape

4D Cityscape Products was launched in early 2009. It was a vision turned into reality through hard work, dedication, and through teaming up with the right companies to work with. What started as one puzzle of New York, we expanded into a line of patented 4D Puzzles that now include partnerships with Warner Brothers, HBO Game of thrones, National Geographic, and more! We have won many awards including final nominee for "Toy of the Year" in North America and Europe. Our products are now available in 35 Countries around the world with distribution through many famous companies such as Barnes and Noble, Think Geek, Target, Indigo, and more!

Agile Manufacturing has been a partnered vendor since the beginning of the company. We initially bought a V-Flash but had to return it and decided instead to outsource the model making and use Agile’s Projet 5000 and M5-MX material. Once our 3D designs of a new products are complete, we work with Agile to print each building. We discuss details of each building as we get professional assistance from Agile in regards to size, tooling capability, and appearance changes. Once all is confirmed, we then print each building using Agile’s high resolution Projet 3D printers. We have been very happy with our partnership, parts are always printed on time and quality and service of the build is amazing.

We look forward to our continued partnership with Agile as we continue to grow 4D Puzzles!