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News Story

Creating Modern Art

Agile was contracted by the local, award-winning artist Ron Baird to help bring one of his newest designs to life. Ron had a design for a bench that he wanted created into a 3D model. Ron came to Agile with a cardboard model of his design that he made by hand and painted silver. Agile then 3D laser scanned the cardboard model to get data points that were then used to reverse engineer the design. Agile and Ron worked together to slightly modify the 3D model to improve the aesthetics from the original cardboard model. Once the 3D design of the bench was finalized, a scale model of the design was printed in ABS using Agile’s Fortus 360. This scale model was used as a sales aid to help convey the design to potential buyers. Once the design was commissioned, the full-scale piece was built in brushed stainless steel.

More of Ron Baird’s work can be found at