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News Story

Agile MFG Client Leverages Ultra High Res 3D Printing
Displayed in the Shanghai Museum of Natural History

In early 2014, John Allen was one of a number of artists commissioned by Research Castings International to provided content for the Shanghai Museum of Natural History. One of the challenges of the project was to provide a number of reproductions of several species of insects.
The solution was to leverage his passion for realist art, 3D computer modeling and Additive Manufacturing.

Models of the insects were created using MODO 801 software

Turning to Agile Manufacturing Inc. Test prints were made and the results were amazing. Detailed legs and antennae as thin as 0.3mm were reproduce on life sized South American Bullet Ants.

This is what it took to convince all involved in the project that their multi jet printers were up to the task to print such unbelievably small detail.

A number of species of insects were modeled and printed for the project pleasantly surprising everyone by exceeding our expectations.

The work provided to the museum was brought up to a full life-like painted finish.