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News Story

3D Printed Model of Futuristic Plug-in Electric Vehicle
Dystil partners with Agile for concept vehicle prototype

Miles Keller and his team at Dystil have designed a one person Plug In Electric Vehicle (PEV) named the Orenda to revolutionize the transportation industry. The design includes an ash wood frame that is skinned with Dacron similar to a WWI airplane. The name Orenda is an Iroquois name for a spiritual power inherent in people and their environment. Dystil was going to build a full size model of the PEV for the IIDEX 2016 trade show and asked Agile if they would donate a 3D printed Model of the front and rear light components, which Agile was happy to offer and completed that weekend. But due to tight timelines for other components Dystil decided to build a ¼ scale model for the show. They sent the files to Agile and had all of the parts printed within 2 days. The body and wheel components were printed in Accura 25 on a ProX 800 and the clear components were printed in Accura ClearVue on a Projet 7000. Dystil then painted to model to look like the different materials from which the production vehicle would be constructed. The ¼ scale model was completed in time for the show and was a great presentation piece to convey Dystil’s new design.

More of Dystil’s work can be found at:

Finished Model Photographs by: Felix Wedgwood