Used 3D Printers

iPro 8000
Agile Manufacturing Demo Unit.
The iPro 8000 SLA Center quickly and economically builds parts with unprecedented surface smoothness, feature resolution, edge definition and tolerances that rival the accuracy of CNC-machined parts.
ProJet 6000 HD
The ProJet 6000 is the first crossover SLA with the power and accuracy of SLA but the ease of use of a 3D Printer.

ProJet 3500 HD
High Resolution 3D Printer great for Prototyping, Medical Models, Aerospace, Casting Masters and much more...

ProJet 2500 +
Accessing high fidelity, functional plastic or elastomeric prototypes has never been faster, with up to 3X higher 3D printing speeds than similar class printers, and easier with finished parts up to 4X faster than other cleaning methods.
Fortus 400MC
16" x 14" x 16" Build Size All Materials

Stratasys 360MC
ABS, 16" x 14" x 16"

Sinterstation HiQ
Sinterstation Hi Q in excellent running condition.
Used Dim 1200es SST
Dimension es SST Runs Perfect, Like New with Warranty
Viper SLA
True SLA printer with material pricing and printing costs at a fraction of the cost of Polyjet printing.

Demo Pro X 300 DMP
Demo Unit available with Full System 1 year warranty, Install, Training for $499,000 USD
ProJet 7000 Crossover SLA
The ProJet 7000 is the first Crossover 3D Printer offering the latest utility of a 3D Printer wit print precision and performance quality of Professional grade SLA parts
Ramco Parts Washer
Model MKD 18
$4,900 USD

iPro 8000 Build Trays
iPro 8000 Build Platforms 650mm x 750mm

Seven Available

$1,490 USD