iPro 8000 MP

The iPro 8000 MP SLA Center manufactures small, precision custom parts that rival the accuracy and detail of CNC milling.

Equipped for automated, push-button data processing of hundreds of parts at a time, the iPro 8000 MP SLA Precision Center is ideal for the rapid mass customization of medical parts, including orthodontics, implant drill guides, dental restorations, hearing aid shells and ear molds.

iPro 8000 MP Advantages

  • Custom. Rapid mass customization of medical parts with push-button data processing on this shallow build platform (2 in. high).
  • Proven. All the features of high-definition iPro SLA technology.
  • Accurate. Smooth surface finish and precise ready-to-use parts without post processing.
  • Consistent. Reliable and fast output with SteadyPower™ imager system.
  • Intelligent.Newest generation part preparation and control software.
  • Flexible. Quick resin change, lot tracking and quality control with closed-loop, integrated material management system.
  • Productive. Easy to operate and maintain