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New Multi Material Large Format 3D Printer
Digital Material Multi Jet Printing

Agile Manufacturing Inc. MultiJet Printing Now Multi-Material

The new ProJet 5500X Multi-Material Printer combines the leading part quality and performance advantages of 3D Systems' MultiJet Printing (MJP) technology with new VisiJet Composite Materials to print functional properties from rubber-like to ABS-like. Additionally, the ProJet 5500X can print an extensive range of selectable durometer properties and color gradients to make life-like, functioning multi-component products in a single print. There is also a new, clear, polycarbonate-like material for producing stunning glass-clear plastic parts. With a huge build size of 15 x 21 x 11.8 inches (533 x 381 x 300 mm), the ProJet 5500X outsizes the closest competitive multi-material printer by over 60%. It also can print up to twice as fast and at a lower total cost of ownership versus competition. Like other MJP printers, the ProJet 5500X comes with 3D Systems' industry exclusive 5-year print head warranty giving customers peace of mind and significant maintenance cost savings.

The ProJet 5500X printer uses three new part materials and a new wax support material. The printer can simultaneously print with two independent VisiJet part materials in a single print batch or even within a single part. In addition to the base part materials, seven additional blended composite materials can be selected that are created by the printer during the print process. Part and/or part feature border colors can also be independently selected to give numerous choices of material properties and color shades to produce life-like performing parts, assemblies and overmolds.

New VisiJet Composite Materials for the ProJet 5500X are as follows:

  • VisiJet CR-WT White Rigid ABS-like Plastic packaged in 2.0kg bottles provides strength, stiffness, high temperature resistance and brilliant white color.
  • VisiJet CF-BK Black Flexible Rubber-like Material packaged in 2.0kg bottles has high elongation and elasticity with true jet-black color with the look and feel of rubber.
  • VisiJet CR-CL Clear Rigid Polycarbonate-like Plastic packaged in 2.0kg bottles has durable, scratch resistant finish and polishes to a near glass-like clarity.
  • VisiJet S500 Support Material packaged in 1.75kg bottles is a specially formulated wax support material engineered specifically for use with VisiJet Composite materials.

MultiJet 3D Printers (MJP) print thin layers of UV-curable liquid plastic onto a flat platform, using wax to create supports that brace the part during production. UV lamps cure each layer, and the build

platform lowers for the next layer. This process continues layer by layer until the part is complete.

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Watch a Video of the ProJet 5500X in Action