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Markforged Metal X
3D Print your Metal Parts for a fraction of the cost you used to pay for DMLS parts.
Composite Printers at Agile
To aide with tremendous demand for carbon fiber reinforced parts Agile expanded our Markforged fleet.
Agile Sponsors Schulich Racing Business Team
Agile is please to sponsor the University of Clagary Formula SAE Schulich Racing Business Team.
Creating Modern Art
Using the power of 3D Scanning and 3D Printing
Special Financing Available
Special financing available so you can start printing in composites and Metals now.
3D Printed Model of Futuristic Plug-in Electric Vehicle
Prototype concept vehicle produced by Agile Manufacturing Inc.
Printing 3D for 4D Cityscape
4D Cityscape Products was launched in early 2009. Agile Manufacturing has been a partnered vendor since the beginning.
Agile acquires iPro 9000XL SLA Production 3D Printer
The iPro 9000XL is a giant in the 3D Printing world with a part build capacity of 59" x 30" x 22"...
Full Bike Frame Printed and Delivered in under a week
Bike Frames and Accessories printed and delivered in less than a week.
Agile Sponsors Queens University Racing
Agile Sponsors Carelton University Ravens Racing
3D Systems Introduces the ProJet 2500 Office High Resolution 3D Printer
Agile Sponsored the U-Waterloo Watsub Team
3D Systems Advances MultiJet Printing Capabilities with ProJet MJP 3600
The new ProJet MJP 3600 Series prints at up to 2.7 times the speed of the previous generation MultiJet Printers, while maintaining the industries best part quality
Agile Sponsors Concordia Racing
Agile Sponsors the University of Guelph
ProX DMP 320 High Precision, High Throughput Direct Metal Printing
The ProX DMP 320 offers a large 275mm x 275mm x 420mm build volume. Designed to enable critical industrial applications, including those in aerospace, automotive and healthcare, the ProX DMP 320 comes in two configurations, one optimized for titanium and one optimized for stainless steel and nickel super alloy.
Agile Sponsors the University of Ottawa
New Direct Metal Printing Pricing
Agile Manufacturing Inc. is pleased to offer new pricing on Direct Metal Printed parts including: Aluminum, 17-4 Stainless Steel, CoCr, Titanium and more.
Metal 3D Printing for the Operating Room
How 3D Systems and EIT are transforming surgical implants.
Realistic FEVAR Hands-On Training Made Possible with 3D Printed Aortic Model
Pliable patient specific 3D Models with simulated blood flow revolutionized stent produced on new 3D Systems MultiJet Printer (MJP)
Secret Broadcast 3D Prints their Instruments
With the help of Agile Manufacturing and 3D Systems, Secret Broadcast records a song using 3D Printed Instruments.
3D-printed injection molds and parts
Productivity Comparison
At an average of $400,000 for a 900mc you need to spend $1,440,000 to equal the productivity of a $550,000 iPro investment.
New All-In-One Medical 3D Printer
For All your Dental Model and Wax Up needs One ProJet 3510 DP Pro does it all!
3D Systems Enables Derby the Dog to Run with 3D Printed Custom Prosthetics
Through the power of 3D, Derby is now able to run alongside, and sometimes past, his newly adoptive owners, Sherri and Dom Portanova.
New Materials for the ProJet 1200 Micro SLA
Jewelers can easily integrate FTX Cast, which casts much like traditional wax, into existing workflows with the added benefits of 3D printed parts
3D Systems Continues Fab-Grade SLA Innovation with New ProX 800
This new production SLA printer offers high-quality, high-resolution 3D printed parts and a large print volume, allowing 3D printing service bureaus as well as automotive, aerospace, defense, consumer products, and dental and medical device manufacturers to boost production capabilities
Agile MFG Client Leverages Ultra High Res 3D Printing
Using a ProJet 3510 HD Plus in UHD Mode Agile Manufacturing Inc. was able to produce the smallest of features with ease.
SLS Electric Guitar
Electric SLS Guitar Designed by Rick Ivey produced by Agile Manufacturing
Durable Rubber Like Material for the ProJet 5500X
With the new VisiJet elastomers for the ProJet 5500X, we
Deloitte White Paper on 3D Printing Opportunities
If you are thinking about investing in Additive Manufacturing (AM) to integrate into your current operational and business models, this complimentary whitepaper from Deloitte Review is for you.
3D Systems Releases Capture Mini, Latest Solution for Scan-Based Design and Inspection
Capture Mini brings precision and quality to small-object scanning
3D Printed Exoskeleton
3D Systems recently announced that it debuted the first ever 3D printed hybrid Exoskeleton robotic suit in collaboration with EksoBionics at a Singularity University-hosted event in Budapest.
New 2014 3D Printer Buyer's Guide
Let us help you choose the perfect 3D printer for your application.
3D Printing set to support SISSA
Lowering Cost and Reducing Production Time
"If we used a traditional method for a wax injection tool, it could take up to 5 weeks and cost well in excess of $20,000. However, if we rapid prototype an axial turbine blisk, for example, with our 3D Systems printer, the wax investment piece builds unattended overnight and is ready for foundry in the morning for well under $2,000."
3D Printer Buyers Guide
An informative guide to determine what 3D Printing Process is best for your needs.
New Multi Material Large Format 3D Printer
The new ProJet 5500X Multi-Material Printer combines the leading part quality and performance advantages of 3D Systems' MultiJet Printing (MJP) technology with new VisiJet Composite Materials to print functional properties from rubber-like to ABS-like.
3D Systems Ushers In 3DPRINTING 2.0
Hankook Tire uses ProJet 660 in Design Process
The design department at Hankook Tire uses a ProJet 660 3D printer by 3D Systems as a key part of its concept design process.
ProJet 1200 Micro SLA
3D Systems Unveils Professional Micro-SLA 3D Printer for $4,900 USD

Agile Mfg. Prototypes on Display at CES
Several products prototyped by Agile Manufacturing are front and centre at CES 2014
3D Systems Shifts Manufacturing Paradigm with ProX
3D Systems Shifts Manufacturing Paradigm with ProX 500 SLS 3D Printer

3D Systems Redefines Fab-Grade Performance with New ProX
Agile Mfg. Clients Abdicate FDM in Favor of SLA
What do a major Toronto hospital, an international automotive supplier and a 3D printing service bureau have in common? They have all recently purchased Stereolithography (SLA) equipment from Agile Mfg. and have stopped or significantly reduced their use of FDM
New Materials for Large Format ProJet 5000
These two new materials deliver mainstream functionality and engineered properties that are highly desired by professionals that specify 3DS MultiJet Printing (MJP) class-leading accuracy, surface finish and edge definition.

Agile Manufacturing Accepts Bitcoin
Agile Manufacturing is pleased to announce we are now accepting Bitcoin for our Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing Services.
Agile Partners with RGD Design Firm on the Design Thinkers Award
Agile Manufacturing Inc. partnered with RGD Association of Graphic Designers and a Toronto Design Firm on the creation of the Design Thinkers Award
Welcome to Agile Manufacturing's New Web Site
3D Systems Full Product Line
Agile Manufacturing is Proud to Offer 3D Systems Full Product Line in Canada
3D Systems Completes Aquisition of Phenix Systems
Phenix Systems strengthens 3D Systems offerings and immediately positions it at the heart of these rapidly growing direct manufacturing opportunities.

Nationwide Children's Hospital, Research Institute
ColorJet Printing helps vaccine research by providing physical full color representations of the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).
Cisco Consumer Business Group
Upholding traditional design standards in the fast-growing consumer electronics world

ProJet 3500 HDPlus
"The ProJet 3500 HDPlus has allowed us to challenge our designers to really push the limits of their creativity to develop and test numerous alternate products without sacrifi cing time to market.
3D Systems Goes Hollywood
With the ZPrinter, LAIKA was able to print over 8,000 unique expressions, up from the mere hundreds that were formerly possible
Colour 3DPrinting Stadiums
ProJet Printed Model Helps Sell New World-Class Stadium in Stockholm
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Sometimes a tool is much more than a tool. A 3D printer, for example, can do more than create tangible versions of digital designs. It can unlock the vast talent of people who will shape 21st century architecture.

Vladimirsky Center for Glassware and Containers
"The ProJet 660Pro has allowed us to raise the bar on precision to a new height. The costs of its purchase were quickly recouped, thanks to the cost reductions it provides in product development and the emergence of new capabilities."
3D Systems Ships GeoMagic Capture
Geomagic Capture is available in six configurations, and each package includes a compact, ultra-precise, blue light LED scanner directly integrated with Geomagic software
3D Systems Mainstreams Consumer 3D Printing with a Dozen New Products at CES 2014
Stunning ceramic 3D printer
Agile Sponsors Schulich Racing Business Team
Agile is please to sponsor the University of Clagary Formula SAE Schulich Racing Business Team.